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What is GB International Consulting?

Our company proudly has been serving since 1958 individuals & international companies in law, national tax planning involving international tax solutions, finance and in projects of internationalisation of businesses abroad in over 78 countries. 


We specialise in family businesses large or small and make sure we surpass your initial goals. We are entrepreneur as well therefore we know how to make your business thrive and make sure our advice does not cost you money but brings you money. 


We are one of the best in the world in tax planning using international solutions.

International law is above national law in any country in the world this is why our solutions are stable, safe and fit for the long term. Our solutions and advice solely involve onshore companies, with transparent, legal, approved solutions certified locally in your country by our correspondent local lawyer. Our solutions allow to  drastically reduce personal or corporate taxation so you can develop your commercial potential.

As we understand you, we know it is important to master the costs so we only work on a flat fee base  not only at our level but in all our 66 correspondent offices around the world.

Our pre-studies are always free of charge.

We proudly implement your commercial dreams abroad or nationally with an integrated team of lawyers and accountants spread accross Europe, Asia and America.


Our difference stands in our close and private relationship with our clients.


We know our clients and you know us so we can desserve your trust. 

And this for generations after generations. 


We always try to meet our customers out of the work environment which is equally important to us. We are human and believe in trust and long term partnership at every step of your way.


Trust comes from true & sincere human relations.

GB International Consulting is managed by one person here Guillaume Brachet exactly as his father and grand father did before him. 

As you know finding the right information, solution, advisor, lawyer, specialist or accountant is costly and burdensome. You cannot visit and seek the assistance of all professionals in all countries to have access to all available solutions which will allow you to make an informed choice. 


Thanks to his personal experience and the knowledge of the company since 1958 and three generations Guillaume Brachet will guide you and propose you the different alternatives, potential solutions available to you and this in over 78 countries.

The goal is simply to expose to you the various possibilities in the form of an informational study exposing the pros and cons of each possibility in direct relation with his network of lawyers and accountants. We will present you all available options 

The idea is for you to finally be able to make an informed choice for your needs. Our firm is a management consulting company. 


Once our study reviewed and a potential solution is approved by you it is then legally confirmed and duly signed by a registered and regulated local national lawyer or accountant office: you will not only save money and time but you will have an objective and unbiased view on all the solutions that are offered to you so you can go straight to the point in confidence and focus on the most important: your activity.

We believe that a good advising activity can only be lead by one person at a time in order to be comprehensive, trust worthy and coherent.


Guillaume Brachet will be your dedicated and exclusive personal coordinator at all times and every steps of your project. 


Mr Brachet is assisted by the family's and firm's exclusive network of international correspondents: one accountant office and one law firm per country:  

66 professionals in 33 countries. 


These professionals work in constant collaboration with GB International for decades and are all independent offices. 


Each advising team is therefore set for you only.

For the avoidance of any doubt and to be clear our firm is not a lawyer or an accounting firm.


We cannot be regulated, registered and have an office in all countries. The cost would be too high like those found in the "big three" companies. It is virtually impossible for most family entreprises.


We are an international orientation center which will bring you all the knowledge, present all potentials solutions in order for you to make an informed choice and be able to compare the pros and cons for your project. The local lawyers and accounting offices of our network are involved since the beginning. 

They provide right from the beginning the feedback and the updates necessary for you to have the right information. All is then compiled in one informational study so you are informed, master all aspects and have an informed and objective view on all choices. 

You are then put in direct relations with the various lawyers and accountants in the countries chosen with of course our daily assistance. 

So finally all options are clear, make sense to you so we can take you to your summit. 

Guillaume Brachet
Director & owner

Guillaume Gilles René Brachet is a French citizen born in the Principality of Monaco on February 3rd 1978. 

He is an international jurist, the owner of a famous 5-Star Design and Eco-Resort on the Island of Koh PhanganThailand as well as the owner of an international ecological home design company. This is permanent base and where he works from since 2011. This unique time zone allow work to be done at night so it is ready for you in the morning before opening in Europe and the USA. 

His company GB International Consulting follows the Brachet's family traditional business in international accounting and legal advice for three generations (Gabriel Brachet his grand father and Daniel Brachet his father). He started to work with his late father Daniel Brachet at the early age of 16 years old. 

He graduated from High School at Les Franciscains in the Principality of Monaco. He later graduated from Nice University, France with a Master in Law degree as well as higher Master degree in National and International Tax Planning. He holds as well a diploma in law from Oklahoma University (O.U) in the USA. 

He has been an active member of the European Academy of Law in Trier Germany which is the think tank of the European Parliament. He organised and presented an international conference held at ERA on two days on October 25th and 26th 2007 on Tax Planning and the reconciliation of taxation and state aid. He represented Monaco during a conference on the interaction of 25 tax systems on October 20th and 21st 2006. 

He has done several interventions at Queen Mary University London, Sorbonne Paris and The International University of Monaco (IUM). 

He is the author of several studies among which a study on Monaco and its tax system published on the BNA in 2006 or an article on the bank secrecy and Monaco published on the Revue Générale de Fiscalité in April 2009. He wrote two studies on the Interaction of The New Technologies and Human Rights in the USA and in Nice, France. 

His career took him to Turin, Italy at Lavazza Coffees as an intern, Luxembourg as the senior head of the legal and tax department of Paddock a family office before taking over the family business of CPA and legal advice in 2006 at the death of his father Daniel Brachet. 

GB International Consulting was born and named after and by his grand father Gabriel Brachet. Guillaume Brachet developed his firm and his international network with independent international family offices firms around the world (66 in total). 

He specialises in international tax laws at high levels, complex agreements, foreign companies incorporations and high end innovative intellectual property strategies for family businesses and international groups.


He has a strong background in international tax planning and aeronautical manufacturing law environment.

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